Origin of Golden Shield Qi Gong

The roots of Golden Shield Qi Gong date back 500 years to temples in the Emei mountains of Western China. Traditionally the training was passed down from the Master to only a few students. In this generation this knowledge was passed down from Master Yang in Kai Feng China. Master Yang’s full name is Yang Jin Gui. He was the head of martial arts training in the war against Japan, officially recognized as one of the top 100 Tai Chi Masters, and is remembered as a cultural “jewel” of China for his service to the Chinese people.

Master Yang taught Tai Chi to thousands of students in the parks of China. When he turned 50 he began accepting formal Qi Gong students. His 19th and last formal student was Dr. Don Zhang PhD, OMD. Master Yang transmitted all the teachings of this tradition to Dr. Zhang. Before Dr. Zhang left China to come to the United States, Master Yang gave him his blessing to teach it to anyone wishing to learn.

Lineage Holder and Master of Jingui Golden Shield Qi Gong: Dr. Don Dongxun Zhang D. AOM, L.AC

Dr. Don Dongxun Zhang D. AOM, L.AC is one of the earliest licensed acupuncturists in Texas. Learning TCM at an early age from family tradition, has studied under many established TCM experts such as; geriatrics expert Dr. Fa Rong Zhang, kidney disease expert Dr. Yianqin Zou, and the founder of wrist and ankle acupuncture Dr. Xinshu Zhang. He is also among the first group of DAOM (Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine) degree holder to specialize in pain management at the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine.

Dr. Don Dongxun Zhang D. AOM, L.AC is the founder of the Zhang’s Sternum region diagnosis and treatment system as well as Zhang’s microsystem treatment method or Z-Acu-Therapy management. He is also the founder of both the Intended theory and Intended Evolution Fitness practice. Dr. Zhang’s paper has been recognized by the 6th international TCM Conference in 1997 with the Yellow Emperor award. He has also been recognized with the world famous Qi Gong master award at the World Integrated Medicine Conference in 1999.

Dr. Don Dongxun Zhang D. AOM, L.AC is the Lineage Holder and only True Master of Jingui Golden Shield Qi Gong. Since 1995 Dr Zhang has been sharing this tradition with the general public. No longer taught as a “martial” Qi Gong, this system has been adapted and developed into a powerful tool to promote the health and longevity of its practitioners.

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