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Autoimmune problems are problems of confusion. When the body gets confused it attacks itself.

The most effective way to stop these problems is to communicate directly with the confused cells that are causing the problems. For this communication to be effective it must come from a deeper level. A level that has authority over the cells. This is the DNA level. Signals from the DNA have the ability/authority to change cellular function. Signals from the DNA can correct the behavior of renegade cells.

PMW Autoimmune Relief is a Qi Gong based program that has been designed to correct the problems that arise from Autoimmune disorders. One of the primary benefits of PMW Autoimmune Relief is that it helps us to return to a natural state of harmony and cooperation internally. We stop the internal battles where our good healthy cells are being incorrectly targeted as the enemy, and then attacked.

PMW Autoimmune Relief was created for people who have an Autoimmune disorder. It is possible that it may also be helpful for people who are having Autoimmune type symptoms, but have not been clinically diagnosed with an ‘Autoimmune disease’.

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PMW Autoimmune Relief is a Primordial Medicine Within™ (PMW) Program. PMW is the Healing Branch of Jingui Golden Shield Qi Gong. The Programs offered through PMW were created for the general public, as well as individuals who have experience working with energy.

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