Temple Style Qi Gong
Activates Higher Human Potential

Jingui Golden Shield Qi Gong is a rare “Temple Style” of QiGong, a true internal energy practice. In this practice you’ll be taught how to connect with, and utilize the Energy of Nature for the purpose of building super health and ageless longevity.

Golden Shield QiGong training:

  • Produces holographic effects within your entire being
  • Quickly builds more energy
  • Detoxifies chemical and emotional imbalances
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Increases bone mass (even in seniors)
  • Improves cellular function and communication
  • Removes stagnations within the meridian system
  • Activates the human mind-body potential

From day one students of this style Qi Gong learn how to work with Qi (energy), and through this work quickly develop their mind, body and energy beyond what is typically considered to be our ‘normal human limits’.


Why We Do This Practice

Golden Shield is a great system for people who want to
feel and experience Qi (energy) now,
not six months from now.

It’s for people who want to grow confident and skillful in life,
and in their use of the Qi (energy).
And it’s for people who want to be extremely healthy.
Golden Shield Qigong is usually not the best practice for those who are satisfied with an ordinary, status quo kind of life.
It’s for people who want to
Evolve Beyond Normal Human Limits…
People who want to grow, and explore life to it’s fullest.

In this practice we believe in challenging ourselves around what is possible.
The way we challenge ourselves is not by pushing our system to its limits,
but by playfully cultivating, building and refining more Qi (life force energy).

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