PMW Breast Health Classes

Prevention  -  Prevent Recurrence


PMW Breast Health is designed for those who have gone through breast cancer and wish to do everything possible to prevent recurrence. It is also very helpful for people who are concerned about the possibility of cancer showing up in the future, due to genetics or some other cause.

In this class series you will learn powerful techniques for creating much greater circulation of Qi and Blood throughout the whole chest area. You’ll also learn Qi based exercises for helping to keep the breast tissue healthy and vital. As well as special Qi Gong breath techniques for creating an internal environment which makes it very difficult for cancer cells to grow.

The next Breast Health Class series will begin in September. The Classes are limited to eight (8) people. I hope to have the room rental arranged very soon, and will have dates and times for the classes when that happens.

You are invited to a Free Intro to PMW Breast Health. This event will be in August. It will be an online gathering, via Zoom.

For more information about PMW Breast Health visit my Primordial Medicine Within website:


PMW Breast Health is a Primordial Medicine Within™ (PMW) Program. PMW is the Healing Branch of Jingui Golden Shield Qi Gong which contains Programs created for the public as well as Qi Gong students. No experience in Qi Gong is needed to take these classes.

*Individuals who have active cancer or who have just recently recovered from cancer should not do this Program. If you are in recovery from Breast Cancer please wait until you have been cancer free for a minimum of six (6) months, before joining these classes.

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