Qi means ‘energy’ or ‘life force’. Gong means method or ‘exercise’. Qi Gong is an Eastern health art (practice) where you learn to work with your life force energy. ¬†Work in this context means you learn how to use the Qi to affect the physical world.

In the West we tend look at the world a little differently than in the East. Qi, being an unmeasurable substance (by machines), is not considered ¬†‘real’ by most of the western scientific community. Since it is not real, it is pretty much ignored. The East seems to have a additional ways of measuring things beyond mechanical, and because of this, they treat the Qi and value it much differently than we do in the west.

In the video below we are given a Western view point of the world through the lense of Quantum Physics. The interesting thing about this video is that most all of the concepts discussed in it are also part of the understanding that you get in learning Qi Gong. Only in Qi Gong you actually learn to experience the energy, verse studying it with microscopes or other machines.