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Hi, I'm Tim. I teach Golden Shield here in Austin. In 1996 I began practicing Golden Shield Qi Gong. In 1998 I became an instructor. I have been taught by Dr. Dongxun Zhang since I began in 1996. Dr Zhang is the Master and lineage holder of this system. He has been my primary instructor throughout all my training. I can easily say that this practice has been, and still is, the most amazing thing that I have ever done in my entire life. It is so rich and so complete. Words can't explain it. I am so grateful that I got the opportunity to learn this. I can't imagine what my life would be like without it.

- Please feel free to email Tim Chrisco at: or call at 512-537-3365

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Students are always welcomed and encouraged to go to other Jingui Golden Shield classes throughout the US and Canada when possible.

Locations include:

      Phoenix Web Site
           Felicity Kelly - phone: 602.277.1346   email:
           Ellen Genarro - phone: 516.410.0287  
BC, Canada
      Salt Springs Island - Web Site
           Brett Holland - phone: 250.653.4864   email:
      Victoria - Web Site
           Rudy Hexter - phone: 250.538.5563   email:
      Corte Madera/Marin - Web Site
           Darren Huckle - phone: 831.334.5177    email:
      Santa Cruz - Web Site
           Darren Huckle - phone: 831.334.5177    email:
          Mike Hynes - phone: 512.565.0013    email:
           Jonathan Ferris - phone: 414-721-6964   email:
           Mary Ida Adams - phone: 641-980-8017   email:       Iowa City
           Mary Ida Adams - phone: 641-980-8017   email:
      Minneapolis Web Site
           Mary Ida Adams - phone: 641-980-8017   email:
      Austin - Web Site
           Tim Chrisco - phone: 512.537.3365    email:
      Austin - Web Site
           Stephen Andrews - phone: 512.468.0899

      Austin - Web Site
           Teresa and Ed Frease - phone: 512.954.1194

           Eddie Painter - phone: 512.497.8088    email:
           Lee Wilson - phone: 512.914.4267    email:
           Pat Riker - phone: 512.847.3701    email:
      Bellingham - Web Site
           Matthew Van Dyke - phone: 360-466-1800   email: Wisconsin
          Jonathan Ferris - phone: 414.721.6964    email:

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